Saturday, September 19, 2009


It seems that when the kids are really little they
reach milestones all the time. First smile, first word, first steps - you get the idea.
Then as they get older the milestones are fewer and farther between.
Well yesterday a BIG Milestone was reached at our house.
Joe drove away - Alone!
Oh and remember driving a minivan is Cool.

He got his license the day before and took off for cross country practice today.
Do you see the smile on that boys face?!
He couldn't wait - although he did have to listen to a
"mandatory mom lecture" before he could go.
I told him they would kick me out of the club if I didn't give him the talk.
I am proud - and I am gonna secretly (okay maybe not so secretly) worry.
Also last night Brooke had a Milestone of her own - she (okay the whole WHS Marching Band)
was on TV. They were the band of the week.
They looked great and sounded wonderful.
She is there in the middle (her hair is pinned up) with the big smile.

Here you can see her blowing her cool Mellophone!

I'm quite the proud Mom.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Finally I am blogging again -- I have missed it and I
can't really say why I haven't been around.
Here is a left over vacation photo from
Sausalito, CA visiting Mike and Mickey!
See the little girl with curly hair (3rd from left).
She is covered by the blanket I made for my
brother and his wife.

So that is one knitted project, and here is another....
can you guess what it is going to be??
Come on just guess.
It is for my niece for Christmas - she will be thrilled.
I will post another photo of a major family milestone tomorrow!!