Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because I Promised (okay maybe threatened)

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I need to thank my super hard working coworkers for making this event so fabulous. I owe them many kudos for all their wonderful work and dedication to making these events run smoothly. THANK YOU ALL.

Now I bring you my incredibly artistic photos of my good buddy (or at least she was before this) Laurie. She was a great help at the event - as you can tell.

She is a hard worker. Making sure all the customers are ready for their books to be signed.

I know you love these pics L -- your welcome! :)

The Yarn Harlot In Indiana

Here she is with the sock taking a group shot!
What a fun event - we think there were around 250 knitters that enjoyed themselves. Stephanie was a trooper and signed books and books and took pictures til just about 11pm.

This is a shot of Stephanie talking. Even my non knitting coworkers were laughing.
My son Joe made an appearance to get his picture with Stephanie and the infamous sock!
Here is a gal showing off her first socks! (CHECKOUT Laurie behind Steph in the black shirt blond hair in front of the railing -- I will throw in some more L pics later tomorrow -- she was in a ton of my photos!)
AND last but not least Me and the Yarn Harlot -- I was so excited for my sock picture!

What fun -- of course I knew that a store full of knitters would be a wonderful thing...now I think my coworkers agree!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tomorrow it THE Day

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (pictured above!) will be speaking and signing at the bookstore here in town! I am such a Yarn Harlot fan - I can't wait. There should be lots of knitters, lots of laughs & probably lots of other people wondering just what the heck is going on.
I will photograph the event and report back here.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Here is the peony scarf - it is completed! It is my 12th finished knitted item of the year. If you are following closely - it is only the 1st project I have finished this month.
Lots of things were started -- now to remain focused and finish a few more things!

It is a nice light scarf - sort of an early fall - late spring scarf. I think it looks lovely modeling out in the backyard.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pretty Pretty Yarn

So here are some more pictures of pretty yarn from the shop. How could you not enjoy checking all this out. The colors are bright and fresh. The one thing I have to do before buying any yarn it touch it and feel it -- is it soft? is it thick? is it thin? will it work with what I have in mind? Usually I do know what I want to make with a yarn before I buy it -- but not always.

When my husband and I were in NYC I just bought yarn there -- with no clue what it would become. It is sorta like buying a little knickknack to remind you of someplace you visited.

Now I just need to go work on my knitting!
Enjoy the view here on the blog!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Knitting

Here is a lovely picture of yarn from the shop where I knit on Tuesdays. Ahhh yarn - always comforting.
So I knitted today - but I started over on my summer project - that is tough taking something off the needles and starting again. But it had to be done. I think I am much happier with it already and it is only about 2 inches into the sweater.
I have focused on the pink & green scarf (now being called my peony scarf because the colors make me think of peony flowers). I probably only have about 5 more inches to knit before it is done - I am hoping to finish it before the weekend. I will keep you posted.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I think that is what I need today. I need to focus on one knitting project & finish it!
I am free this morning and I am going to pick up that pink & green scarf and work just on it.

This is hard because I have a new project on the needles -- but I worked some on that yesterday so that should be enough for now. I need to get a project or 2 done this month because I have yet to finish one in April. The point of this blog is to keep me knitting and finishing knitted items.

Yesterday was nice I knitted with my friend Roxane -- i wish it could have been longer but work needed me.

Do you know that knitting is really a social thing? Or maybe I should say it is for me. There are only a few patterns that I have to do away from friends because they need my focused attention. But most of what I knit I can do with friends and keep the the conversation moving.

So I am off to focus....at least until the kids get home (it is an early release day -- why I have no idea).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Bit of Fair Time

Needed to give one of the children equal blog photo time... so here is Miss B on the beach.
And then at low tide she found this cool guy one day -- we so enjoyed the sea life. Even saw dolphins in the am.
Oh and here is a sample of one of the beach front homes I will buy when I win the Lotto!

Can you tell I am still on vacation in my mind. Sorry - I am sure I will be back to normal soon.

AND yes I do know that I have not finished anything yet this month --I need to get cracking. I have too many things on needles and just need to focus!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What I did on my Spring Vacation....

So I didn't get much done -- but I did do some. I am about 2/3rd done on the pink scarf -- when I added in the 2nd ball I made sure to keep the cool zig zaging going like it was. It will not be a warm warm scarf. It will be a nice scarf for cool spring mornings. I like it a lot and am thinking of keeping it for me -- that doesn't help my make more knitted gift crusade though.
The sweater front is just about done -- I am debating making it about an inch longer. I don't want it too short.
So that is my knitting content for the day.
I need to make a swatch for a new summer knit project that Rosanna and I will knit together (that means we are each knitting the same project - not one project that 2 people are knitting on).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vacation Fun

The fun about vacation is that it is different than your usually everyday life. Here are some of the fun things from my vacation last week.

Here I am with my youngest showing off our blue tongues. Yummy cold blue raspberry icees are fun!

Ahhh the beach at sunrise... this photo really makes me miss the beach -- that and the 50 degree temps here at home. Just being somewhere that looks so different from home is fun.
Fresh tasty seafood is another great thing about vacation. Joe even shared some of his crab claws with the rest of us.
I did knit some in the car. I got the front (or back - they are pretty much the same) completed on my sweater. I am about 2/3rds done on the pink and green scarf too. There was only minimal knitting on this trip. When I was back at the condo I was usually getting ready to sleep.
It was a calm and relaxing vacation where lots and lots of nothing to terribly important got done -- just what I needed.
Hope you all have a fun vacation like this sometime soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I May Be Home But My Mind Is Here....

Sanibel is known for it's shells -- and there were many. We brought home many too.
The days were so bright and light and calm.
And here are my toes enjoying our trip.

I will post more tomorrow -- Missed blogging -- will discuss knitting tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Partially Started Sweater

Here is a picture of the Rolling Stones Sweater that I started in early January.

It got this far on the front (or back - they are the same). Then life interrupted. It is a pattern that you really need to pay attention too due to something called short rows!

So since I will be on a long car ride it should be a good time to pay attention to it.

And it is really a spring sweater - so I need to get cracking on this one and get it done.

Wish me luck!