Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another New Project

Okay so I am not posting like I should be. Do you want to hear my excuses? Of course not. I have a life outside this blog (barely) that has been keeping me busy. But here is something I am doing in my sitting time.

It is a lovely light Peach baby afghan -- again the baby is growing patiently in it's mamma's belly while I work on this cozy blankie. And, yes I know there are holes in it. As someone jokingly pointed out to me as I knitted away at wrestling meets once again. When the center is large enough I will then pick up stitches on each side and knit a cute little ruffle.

The yarn was not expensive and is washable and soft -- all wonderful things for baby gift.

This is quite the busy week in our household - but knitting is getting worked on wherever possible.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Here is my fifth knitted object of the year!! And isn't he cute. With a bit of a quirky beak.

I hope my little neice Noelle will like him in her Easter basket.

Beware - Proud Mama blogging to follow:
Today was a kid day - Mara played basketball at 8am. Then we spent the whole day at Joe's huge wrestling invitational - 8 teams - 9 am to 6 pm! But Joe did so great - as a rookie wrestler in eighth grade and the JV guy at 110 lbs. he placed 4th. He wrestled 5 times.

My Mother-in-Law is in town this weekend for all the action.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The amazing Moon

Did you all
get a good look at the Lunar Eclipse last night?

If not here is what my girls not a new space discovery...just shaky hands along with a bit of a digital delay.

Still I think thses pictures are really cool. And that copper color is what it really looked like.

So does this mean I did not knit -- no there was a wrestling meet last night so I got about 3 inches done on the red scarf.

And my goal today is to give the poor peep a beak -- or poor Katie will worry about him getting something to eat. So more pictures to come.

Oh and go here to say Hi to my friend e - - she will be seeing clearly tomorrow and every day after that!

Hope you are enjoying the world around you. Mine is quite white and getting whiter tonight or tomorrow - that is if the weatherman is correct!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cool news on a Bad Day

My son came home sick and then 2 hours later I was sick too. YUCK.

But late in the day the bookstore I work at called to tell me we got the YARN HARLOT for a book signning at the store on April 29th!

I told them she had a new book and that we should get her -- she is a great knitter, a funny person and a wonderful author (check out her blog a link is on the left side of this page).

So I was happy for this ray of sunshine on a bad day.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to Build a Peep Chick

So today I started my little Peep Chick - it really has gone together quickly.
You start with just six stitches and keep increasing.
This is what it looks like after about 40 mins. it is sorta a little soft bowl.
This view is a bit better. I am using #3 double points.
Lucky for me this Sunday afternoon was open. After helping Joe make his confirmation banner I had some free time. Here is the peep with out beak and wings about 3 hours after the other pictures. We are using an ipod nano (2006 version) to show scale. I don't have the right beak colored/type of yarn - that will be my mission tomorrow.

Okay so who loves the peep -- it is a buttery yellow - will try daylight photos when the beak is on tomorrow. This little guy has a home - but some how all 3 of my "big kids" want a peep!!

Finally Finnished Four

The eternal scarf as my friend Shae called -- it did feel like it took quite awhile. Well it is done and even delivered to Pastor Don. He was thrilled and said he will give it to the lucky gentleman this week.

YEAH! A finnished object for February.

And yes I sewed in all the loose ends late last night and I started my next creation - a Peep's chick already today.

The red scarf is moving along -- not too quickly but on it's second ball of yarn -- think it will take 3 balls to finish it. I bought 4 balls -- and hope to make a cute red hat to go with the scarf!

Off to work on my peep for my littlest neice -- it will be almost as cute as she is. And my youngest thinks it look like it will be cute and she wants a blue peep....if it knits quickly maybe I will make her one too.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day one and all. Sorry, no knitting today. Work and kids activities won out.
My four sweethearts are my husband and my 3 kids! Today my husband and I woke up 2 of the kids with kisses and candy... the thrid was already awake so she got hugs and candy too.
Hope you all have a happy day .
And thanks one and all for all the sweet comments and friendly support you have shown me with this blog adventure of mine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Someone Cute & Some Knitting

Here is a picture my oldest daughter took of "her dog" Auggie -- she is what we lovingly refer to as our "half dog". She is our neighbor's dog - but they don't have kids and when they went to pick her out they took my kids. We help take care of her when they are gone - like this
week. And my girls do 4H dog obedience
classes with her each spring and summer for the last 4 years. She is a real sweetie. Oh and if you want to know - she is an Australian Shepard.

And finally, for those of you looking for it I have included some knitting content. Below are the 2 projects I am working on currently. The red scraf - done in the Moss stitch (not shown so well in this photo) & the commissioned scarf which is on it's last ball of grey. So when that ball is gone it is done.

I knitted last night at my son's wrestling meet
(for those who care he pinned one opponent and lost on points to another - so a good night). One of the dad's was teasing me that I wasn't done with this one yet!! It has made it to about 3 meets in a row.

I am working as fast as I can. Today is Tuesday so hopefully I can really keep this moving along - and not have to take it to Thursday nights wrestling meet.

Happy Tuesday one and all.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Red Scarf

The red scraf is getting a good workout -- it is a simple pattern and since there was a basketball game this morning I could easily watch and knit.

The green girl pulling on her shirt is my youngest.

This is the least fussy photo of the day. She is in 6th grade and this is her first try at basketball -- she is doing great. She scored 8 points of the teams total 14 -- even making her two freethrows. She is always quick (hence the fussy pictures) and that is good.

With all my bleacher sitting the knitting is moving along. Boy do I wish I didn't need to sleep.

OH and good news - bookclub picked a book for us to read this month that I have already read - so I will coast on what I remember from it and not loose valuable knitting time.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quick little post today

Man has it been grey lately. I am ready for some sunshine! Now that Christmas is over I am not working much as of late -- which is good more time to knit. I work retail and these are the slow months ...especially this year.

Enough about that - today I am including a picture of my friend Marci -- can ya tell she is gonna have a baby in about 6 weeks (I think). She was the happy recipient of the yellow baby blankie -for the future little one!

Okay, I am making this post short and sweet and getting to my knitting. I really want to finnish the column scarf next week. And I have my next project lined up I think.

Hoping for sunnier days for everyone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When? Where? Why?

I thought I would give you all (whoever is out there) a little bit of my knitting history. I learned to knit just about 5 years ago.

My first lessons came from my local knit store -- right there in the left column. I signed up for a class to start in the fall - one day about 2 months before the class started I had all 3 kids at camp for 5 days, so I went in to pick out needles and yarn. I told the gal there that I had the week to myself. She sat me right down and showed me how to cast on and do the knit stitch. I went home and knitted the whole scane of yarn. I came back the next day and she showed me how to add in another scane and then to bind off. So there I was in 2 days I had my first scarf!

Ever since then it was like I had found my calling. I have taken a few classes and meet some really good friends.

I love knitting for many reasons... it is calming, and it makes me slowdown. It is usually portable - I take it everywhere - doctor's offices, church meetings, I've even knit in the car waiting for my turn at the bank driveup window. At night while watching TV I feel like I am being productive. I think the best part is that it has allowed me to be creative!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Jayne Hat

Here it is. This is made after a character from the tv show Firefly. One of the characters - Jayne Cobb - a tough guy on the show, got a hat like this sent to him from his mom. My daughter -- shown here -- loves that show and so I made her a hat. You should check out the show - it only lasted one season and is on DVD -- there is a movie too that ties up all the loose ends - Serenity. We love it and she likes her hat -- thank goodness for the internet - type in Jayne hat and you too will get about 1,000 hits, many with patterns.

It was an early christmas gift. So it doesn't count on my resolution list.

Or as I like to say - see not all knitting is pretty! But she loves it and wears it all the time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


And the answer is 9 inches -- that is how many inches I knitted in just yesterday --it is looking good.

And I like the back too -- which for me is always a concern - I have to like the back on a scarf or blanket -- where it might show. I have been known to rip out an item if I dislike the back.
Oh and do you see the mistake row -- it is really easy to see in the back - I forgot a charcoal grey row - oops. I always say you have to knit in the mistake or else the person will not know it is hand made. This one got by me and I was easily 5 inches away from it when I noticed -- oh well no one is perfect.
Today was a busy Saturday - My son had a wrestling meet over an hour away - while there watching (from 9am - 1pm) my back gave out -- so now I am in some pain but dealing and sitting with a heating pad and my knitting.

Friday, February 1, 2008

How much will it grow today?

Here is the commissioned scarf -- that makes it sound very important. Really, Pastor Don asked me to make it for a sick gentleman who saw the one I made for the pastor.

I am involved in knitting for our prayer shawl ministry at our church. Pastor Don has really supported us in this new venture. So I made him a scarf just like this but out of brown and maroon. Usually we make lap blankets or shoulder shawls or baby blankets for the sick or elderly or newborns. There are many lovely ladies that are involved and knitting or crocheting for this wonderful ministry.

The photo doesn't catch the true color - it is charcoal grey on the columns and a green with a bit of blue (Brooke says teal) - this picture makes it look more blue than it is. The yarn is alpaca - one of my favorites to knit with because it is so soft and it is very very warm.

Kids are off today & it snowed a bit - we have no big plans so I will try to knit on this alot today and see how many inches I can knit in one day.

ANY GUESSES out there?? hey that is amost the color - Post them in the comments and I will measure it tonight at 11pm. It is 9:30 am right now.