Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Fun Weekend Was Had By All!!

Okay things are backwards, but we will start with the good news...
My sister & I were blessed with free tickets from our
sister-in-law. We went and cheered the Colts to victory.

Here we are happily in our seats -- see all those people above us!
And now moving on to even more good news:
Earlier in the weekend we had a great celebration for my Mom's 75th birthday.
Here she is with all her kids!

And the glowing buttons say "Jane Rocks Happy 75th Birthday"
I bet you guessed Jane is my Mom.
Here she is with her cake. It was a fun day and visited with friends and family!

Oh and my sweater is done and I wore it -- will wear it again and get a picture.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photos of my Newest Creations

Here it is -- the felted beer bottle cozies!
I made 3 to give away to some special people.
Since this only took about 1 hour to knit and about 30 mins in the washer...
and scrap yarn...I can see that I will be making many more.
This was the prototype - so I think I will make them a bit wider -- they fit my
hand comfortably but I can see needing wider ones for guys.
Oh and I finished this last week. And sorry but it is all mine.
It is warm and soft and easy as pie -- just take 2 different balls of
self striping yarn and switch them every 2 rows of this 1x1 rib.
I love it and got yarn to make a hat soon -- won't match quite like this but close.

Cool Item

So in my knitting life I am busy making a nice grey (or is it gray?) V-neck pull over sweater. I am 2/3 done with one sleeve and just have the other sleeve and collar ribbing to go before I am done. I hope to wear it on Friday or Saturday.

But as a break last night I quickly knit up some 100% wool in a striped pattern then promptly felted it (in a front loading washer no less) - some say this can't be done. It looks great.... and with some cutting and sewing I will make ....... (imagine a drum roll right here).....

Beer bottle cozies!

I have to cut and sew then I will get a picture. I promised these to a couple people and I think I can get at least 4 out of my felted wool strip.....

Photos to come!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Year....

Here are a couple of things keeping my busy in 2010.

This scarf is made with sock yarn -- so more for pretty than warmth.
So no rush to get it done right now. I picked up this lovely yarn in Alexandria this past fall.
Here is my newest project.
A gray Vneck sweater knit from the top down.
This is a new technique for me.
I am loving it so far. It will be nice and warm -- I am hoping to finish it in a week or 2.