Friday, October 31, 2008

#27 & Halloween fun

Here is the lovely Liza in finished project #27!
It is a pretty sage green and looks great.
I had a banana costume from a friend (thanks R).
I wore it for a couple hours at work today.
This is my coworker Mike -- he came in today just to laugh at me.

This is Liz as "Little Red from the Hood"!
Here I am with Kandi -- she was a 1950's gal -
she looked so cute.
That banana was hard to work in.

Happy Halloween one and all.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


See here is the cutest toddler hat! I need to get started on another.
I have about 4 little girls who need these hats
especially now that it is cold here.
I cam up with the little stitch design myself.
This is completed project #28.
I will photograph the #27 scarf tomorrow! - Don't want you to think it
is not really done.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Photo

I have completed project #27. It was a moss green scarf just like the pink and grey one.
I made it for a friend at work and I got so excited that I gave it to her and forgot to take a picture. I told her I would take her picture later this week wearing the scarf.
It was a good day - I gave away 2 knitted items to their new owners. I promise more in the works!
And pictures!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Break

Yesterday and today are Fall Break for the kids - so I happily requested the days off work too.
Talked to my mom and we made plans with my sister and her 2 girls who were also off.
We called my cousins and went to see the newest member of the Wilson clan. The beautiful Sophie! She is now 5 months old and is adorable - even side by side with her Grandpa Joe.
We had a nice lunch with Sophie & her Grandma Barbie and her Aunt Sam. We have not seen them in quite awhile so it was really a nice time.
Before going to lunch we went to an apple orchard and got apples and cider and then went for a hike in their 8 acre corn maze. It was fun - the girls paired off and then Joe hung with me and Grammy and Aunt Julie. There are 10 markers in the maze and you get to pick a topic and are given a sheet with 10 multiple choice questions to help you figure out which way to go.
Here are my Mom, Joe and my sister Julie enjoying the corn maze - it took us about 30 mins to get through it - but it was sunny and dry and we really had fun. Good thing we did not plan it for today - it is rainy and dreary out there today.

My knitting bag made the trip but only to show off a couple scarves -- no knitting was done til I was home with my feet up. My gorgeous green scarf is moving right along.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Scarf to go with the Hat

Here is a drop stitch scarf.
It is going to my coworker - the same one I gave the hat too.
Scroll down to my October 9th post to see the hat.

Yes I will weave in the ends this morning.
And then it is good to go.
This is completed project number 26.
Even my kids are asking what # project is that mom when I am knitting.
Oh and the other great thing is that someone GAVE me this yarn - free!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lovely Number Twenty Five

Here it is #25 on my completed projects for the year!

Here it is being blocked tonight on my living room floor! It is so pretty to look at. And now that fall is in the air I think the recipient will be happy to receive this lovely scarf.
The great thing about this scarf is that it looks much more difficult than it really is. That is a great payoff for me the knitter -- I get lots of oohhs and aahhs and they think I am so talented when really this pattern is a fun and a breeze to knit.

I have one more to make for an unsuspecting friend.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Here is the 1st half of the pretty pink scarf. I started the other half twice - I think it was too late at night and my brain was not functioning. It seems to be moving along better now. Hope to have a finished object by this weekend.

Sorry I have not posted lately - we are finishing soccer and marching band things with the kids. The lovely fall weather around here has been another distraction.

Friday, October 10, 2008


One cute little roll of k1, p1 rib knitting!
And it is a very nice alpaca purplish scarf.
I think I know who the recipient will be.

WOW! 24 projects completed so far this year.

On to the next project -- I have nothing on the needles -- that will change tonight.

I have another cute pink scarf to make & I think there is a little girl out there who

needs to have a fun hat when it starts to get cold this winter ~ hmmmm

there are probably 3 little girls in my life that need warm, adorable knitted hats

this winter.

I better get started!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am on a Roll!!!

Completed project # 23!

It is a lovely cream colored hat -- in a pattern I had done about 3 years ago.
It has a possible home ~ when a coordinating scarf gets done.
(The scarf is not even started.)

It is a bit big on the model - or maybe she is smaller than the recipient.

I have another scarf that is 2/3rds completed. So keep looking for the next completed project!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This photo shows how lovely the gray is. And I wish you could all feel how great this scarf feels - sleek and soft at the same time. This pattern was fun (I am gonna start another any day now if that tells you anything.) And it really was only a bit of a challenge. I learned a couple new things and look how fancy it looks.

Here is a closer look at the bottom of the scarf. On this pattern you start at the bottom.
So see didn't that goofy thing in my last post turn into a beautiful Christmas gift for someone special!
I am now in the middle of a hat. So project 23 is over 1/2 way done -- I think I am on a roll.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can you tell what this is??

It is a cool gray scarf -- or I should say 2 halves of a soon to be grey scarf.

I really like the pattern -- it is fun knitting it. But right now it doesn't look like much.
I am using Classic Elite wool bamboo blend -- love it! I will connect them then block it -- I think tonight if the laundry doesn't suck up too much of my knitting time!