Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day Snow day

Okay so yesterday I ran off at the mouth and said
there would be hardly any snow today!
As the picture shows I was way off.
But I am hopeful that I can get a job at the local TV station soon!

We got 9 inches -- on top of the 2 we got the day before.
So the kids got the whole day off.
But of course Jim and I went into work.
Here is the puppy out in the snow with the girls.

I am trying to finish a book -- so not much knitting going on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finnished a project

I completed a cute little baby hat. A friend has a new granddaughter -so this hat will keep her warm this winter.

This is me at Christmas time with my nieces and nephew.
This is the before picture.
And this is me now!
With curls!
I love it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knitting, knitting - and I have proof

See here is the wonderful baby blanket.
Do you love the reversible quality?

It is almost 8 inches now and I am about 2/3 rds through
the first balls of yarn. I have 2 more balls to go
Here is a closeup ^.
It looks pinkish here -- but the top photo is more close to actual color.

Here is a bonus picture - Mara took of our bunny
Nova under Mara's pink afghan made by her
Grandma Milan.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knitting is a Wonderful Thing especially in the Winter

It is freezing here. Okay it is colder than freezing here.
But cold weather goes really well with knitting.
So I am going to sit and knit for a little while.
Here is a picture of our Auggie
as I found her sitting at the back door yesterday.

The background is all white because the deck was covered in snow.
So at least is cold cold cold and we have snow.
So often here it is cold and no snow in sight.
She is a good girl -- see she was longing to come inside!
She was too cute not to share her pictures.
I will take knitting pictures soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Knitted Gift Given!

Here is my coworker Karla with her baby blanket I made for her.
She is due in 5 weeks. It will be a little boy - I picked this color
before they found out what they were having - and it goes
perfectly with her jungle room theme.
Can't wait to meet this little guy.
Here is the work crowd Ohing and Ahing over
the adorable baby gifts.
It was a wonderful party hosted by Miss Laurie!
Now I hope you are ready for this next pic
is my

Isn't she pretty?!
Gotcha girlie.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lovely Yarn

I sooooo love this yarn.
It has a bit (20%) Bamboo in it -- it helps
give it the shine.
It will eventually be a lovely baby blanket for a friend having a
little girl in May.
It is soft and washable -- what more could a mom want.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Not starting off quite right

Life is getting in the way of blogging once again. I worked quite a bit this week and then there are a few after school kid activities going on. See..... Joe had a makeup wrestling meet. That is him in the green. He won!! Yeah JOE.

Tonight I have to work concessions at the basketball game for the band boosters.
I have my first finished project done -- it was worn again this morning by Mara as she headed to school. I will photograph it when I remember. It is a nice, warm head band (ear band) that matches her scarf.
Since today I am home (my car is in the shop) I made sure to have some new yarn for my next project and I started while waiting on Brooke as she had brass practice last night at church.
It is a lovely baby blanket in 2 colors -- I will get a picture of it soon too.
So hopefully today will kick off my better blogging habit for 2009.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2009 to everyone!
I am still trying to recover from the holidays.
Today was almost normal. Tomorrow I think I will reclaim the house.
By Monday things might seem quite blah like always.
Not much new knitting going on. There is a friend who has a new
granddaughter so I am making a cute pink hat with the
fluffy stuff on top.
Then I plan to purchase some cute yarn for a lovely
afghan for a very special baby girl due in May.
A friend has asked for an adult pair of clogs for her ill mother-in-law.
Those are what are on tap.
I am keeping the blog going - and will continue to document all my knitting -
hopefully there are many readers out there happy to hear this.
I am not picking a number -- ask some friends I was stress there in November when I wasn't sure I could reach it but it was oh so close.
So lots of knitting for family and friends that is the goal.
Also want to make a couple more challenging items this year too.
I have one pattern for a cardigan sweater that is already near the top of my list.
And just to warn you there will be lots of family photos posted here too!
Thank you one and all for all the encouragement and kind words you have shared with
me over the last year - each and every comment was cherished.