Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ahhh the Holidays.....

Like always with the holidays - it seems to take forever for them
to arrive. Then when they do they are over in a flash.
Here is a quick overview of some of the hub-bub.

Christmas morning - after Dad's scavenger hunt/ guessing game for extra gifts.
The kids got to share in the cash!

Then we headed to my mom's - where she is famous for her shared/multiple gifts...
this time it was my sister and I - we received very cool shirts.
The quote is "My Sister has the Best Sister in the world"
Gotta love it.

My sister got knitted item #42 for the year!
It kept me up past midnight getting it finished!

The next day we headed to my Mother-in-laws.
Here is little Noelle in her felted clogs! She liked them better
than the stuffed giraffe we got her.
She knows how to make her Aunt happy.

Oh and we celebrated her baptism too!
Here she is with her family at church!

Tomorrow it is back to work for me -- then some elf needs to clean up around here.
Oh and there is a knitted item #43 to give out.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sorry I've Been Busy - it is that time of year

One of my excuses is that there was a big party.
It was a holiday open house at my Mom's last weekend.
See here I am with my Mom behind all the food!
The night before the party I made these for a little girl coming to the party.
They are the 41st knitted item of the year.
The next morning I felted them in Mom's washer.
Aren't they cute?

And here they are on little Sophia -- she is 6 mos old -
she is my cousin Luke's little girl. Here she is with my brother Jim.
Wearing her little slippers -- they are a bit big.
She will fit them next Christmas.

So that was what I have been up to.
This week is the last week of school and we have had snow and some ice
so things are busy.
I have one more Christmas gift to make and another set of little clogs for a 3 year old.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HEY e ..... Look what I've done!

I would like to thank my good friend e - if not for her fun, funky, arty example I probably would have never started this possibly unreachable adventure of a knit resolution blog. She made a resolution on her own loverly blog -- and reached in like JULY. She urged me to try it out -- I think as a way to keep me from overloading her blog comments daily. She knew my secret hobby of blog reading (90% of that being knit blogs) and told me I too could be a blogger.

So the whole new years resolution of trying to knit 40 items in 2008 was established in midish January of this year. I picked a number far shorter than her 100 painted canvases for the year and randomly chose 40 as my target number - this was done without thinking that 2 knitted items a month would be quite alot for me the knitter of just 5 years (this summer). I jumped in really wanting to make gifts for special people in my life.

My 39th item is shown at it's beginnings here on Nov. 10th under the pink hat. It is off to find the person it is meant for --and I am hoping they are not reading this - hence - the cloak and dagger stuff on a beautiful alpaca item.

These cute greenies are meant to be felted (and will as soon as I get off here) for a special almost 2 year old that owns the pink hat in picture.

SO I am PROUD to show you blog readers finished item #40 Taaaadaaaaaaa.......

Now to get to work on #41!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sorry I am late on this one

Here is the picture of #37 and #38.
For some reason the peach ones (that my husband says are pink)
are long -- they did not shrink up much and look sorta odd.

But the blue ones are as cute as can be and
are destine for a lovely young lad.

I am making christmas goodies today.
And sometime the tree will go up - and I have that cool gray
scarf that I am trying to finish -- so that it can be mailed.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

37 & 38 -- Nearing my Resolution Goal

No pictures today -- I promise a few tomorrow.
Completed project 36 is felted clogs -- they are not as small as expected - so I will find a person they fit to give them to.
Number 37 is a tiny pair of felted clogs for a coworkers fun.

Those clogs are quick and fun!

This weekend there is a big wrestling meet -- I hope to finish the gray scarf that needs mailed out soon.

Pictures tomorrow I promise.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cuteness Abounds Here!

Here is project 36 - it really is a burgundy 2 x 2 ribbed scarf -- not so pink as it looks in this photo. It goes with the hat I made last week. They will be given to a gentleman who hangs out in our store alot - he is jobless. So the gals at work thought he could use a warm hat and scarf.
It is a thick scarf and the hat I made on smaller needles is really dense and will be quite warm.
Here is my niece Noelle - she is one - playing with the scarf yarn (much truer color in this picture!) She is almost walking... and is such a sweetie. And I think I have taught her to love yarn.

She enjoyed playing with the ball as it fell apart - lucky for me Noelle's mom was happy to untangle it and wind it into a ball for me.

Is she not the cutest?!