Friday, August 29, 2008

High School Friday Nights

Here we are spending our Friday night as parents of 2 high schoolers at
the local high school football game. It was a beautiful August evening.
Unfortunately our team didn't win.

Boy did this take me back to my high school days. I love football and I think that love grew
when I was going to games all 4 years of high school - it started by hanging with my dad on Sundays watching the NFL with him - he always answered my questions and taught me
a lot about football.
For us though it wasn't just the game we wanted to see. It was the Marching band.
See that curly haired girl behind the little guy in front -- she is ours and the star of the show...
well at least to us.

We sat with some other parents/friends. It was a nice way to end a very busy week.

I see a lot more of these evenings in our future.

(I think we need seat pads though.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Much Work

I work part time -- but lately it has been more full time -- or at least matching the hours that the kids are in school a bit too much for me. I like having a bit of time at home to myself and I really haven't had that yet this school year.

Some of the reasons are beyond my control. So I am hoping this is just a temporary situation for a couple weeks - then it will get back to something more normal.

I love working at the bookstore. Books are another love of mine. But I don't like being there 5 to 6 days a week.

Luckily the lap blanket is knitting up pretty quickly -- larger needles helps. I will get another photo of it soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The 29th Summer Olympics in Beijing are over. I am sad. I have really enjoyed them - and the knitting time has been wonderful. My family started talking about the Winter Olympics 2010 and started dreaming/planning what we would like to see or do there. We are already starting to fall for the Vancouver mascots. Check them out here.

I have over 7 inches on the new lap blanket - it is really moving quickly while watching different events.

Maybe the convention coverage will have lots of knitting time too.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The School Calendar Says Fall

Fall sports have begun. But boy oh boy was it hot at my son's first high school cross country meet today (he is in the gray shorts). So even though the schedule for fall sports has started - the summer weather is still set on summer. Today was probably the most humid day all summer. It was 85 degrees and 90% humidity. He ran a shorten version of the normal 5K at this kick off event today. I thought he did great -especially since running is not his passion - he runs to stay in shape for wrestling which begins as soon as cross country is over.
Here is my newest project I started just the other day. It is called Annette's Afghan. I love this denim blue yarn. It will go to my mom's neighbor who is 90+ and recovering from hip surgery.
She is in rehab right now and improving - but says she is cold often. So I will make this lap blanket size. It is coming together quickly on US 11 needles.

Enjoy your weekend - I will miss the Olympics when they end.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Title Coming to Mind

Okay, I am happy to say that #19 has been completed. It is a gift and the person might pop in here so I am kinda not showing it off in all it's glory. It is snuggly and soft. I like this sagey green color. Very different.

Now for what to do next -- hmmm. I am thinking I need to pump up my gift stash with some cool items -- so I will see what I can come up with.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Excuse

So I have not been posting -- I blame the Olympics. I kinda like being able to see Olympic events -- even sports I know nothing about -- at anytime. YEAH for Direct TV (we just got it in July). My sleep patterns are getting shorter and shorter because of the 12 hour time difference.

The good news is that the baby blanket is almost finished (I bet by tomorrow it will be done).
Now I just don't know what to make next. I am thinking about a lap blanket for my mom's neighbor Dorothy - she is 90+ and just had a hip replacement and is recovering in a rehab center. She is pretty frail and I hear she is often cold. So the yarn shop is having a sail and I just got a bunch of cool blanket patterns that knit up pretty this sounds like a good option.
But as a knitter and a woman I reserve my right to change my mind.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Good Hair Day

My oldest has been blessed with curls.
Does she look at it that way? - No of course not.
However yesterday she let me fuss with it &
here it is looking really nice.

Just in time for her freshman picture.
I think she is the cutest thing.
And I am sure this post will make her happy.
(that last line is sarcasm)
Now back to the Olympics and my knitting.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fiber at the Fair

It was our 3rd annual Sheep to Shawl day at the Indiana State Fair. There were 4 youth groups of spinners and weavers from Conner Prairie there this year. This is the 3rd year for an all boys team!
Here is Joe in the midst of the controlled chaos. The whole thing takes 4 hours. He is the teams plyer. There was a bit of bad luck this year for the boys and hence the 4th place finish.

There were 4 adult teams there too. Here is a shetland sheep that is owned by our friends - so we said "hello" to the friends and their sheep when we were in the sheep barn.
Below is the new covered bridge they built over the winter -- it is made from Indiana hardwoods and is soooo beautiful! Indiana is known for their covered bridges.

Since it was Joe's day at the fair my sister & her 2 daughters, my mom, and my brother and his wife and son met us there. It was such a nice day - family, fun, food & great weather.
Here are my sister Julie, Mom Jane, & I outside the pioneer village.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Am I the Only One?

Sucked into the Olympics? The Opening Ceremonies were wonderful. And then I proceeded to stay up til 2am watching anything and everything.

Today has been a slow last Saturday before kids head back to school middle of next week and we are happy to have satellite TV so that we can always be watching on sport or another.

The upside of all this sport watching is that my knitting is coming along quickly!

PS. check out my medal counter on the sidebar (okay it is large but it wouldn't shrink) - click it and you can see the nbc site.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Next project

It is a baby blanket -- from my standard quick and easy baby blanket pattern. It is going along pretty well. And since the baby is not due for 6 mos. I am way ahead of the game. The blanket is a good boy or girl color since the mom doesn't know yet what baby will be. I think I will follow with a hat and maybe a bib once I know what the baby is.

The kids are back in school next week -- midweek. So I am sure my friends and I will head back to the knit shop and our weekly knit/chat/lunch habit! I am ready for that.

Two kids are out of the house most hours this week, so my youngest and I have been hanging out a lot.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


The never ending scarf is done.
I love this bamboo yarn - the color and the sleek feel to it.
Definitely a spring or fall scarf.
It will go in my gift stash -- and it is completed project # 18 for the year.

I started another project.

It is a cozy blankie for a baby due in Feb.

And I am still looking for the perfect pattern for my Irish yarn.

YEAH a completed knit item for August!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am Knitting -- I Promise

I am finishing the sea green scarf ( I told my son it seems like
this last ball is never ending).
But I am seeing the end of the tunnel.
Today is a rare day. The 3 kids are all here & no one has plans.
With back to school coming in just a week and a half I decided
we were taking a field trip today.
We are headed to the Art Museum. I am blessed with kids who
love all museums. My oldest still remembers the day camps
they all did there one week about 4 years ago.
So we will take a picnic and tour the museum and snack on the grounds.
Since I feel boring if I don't include pictures here is one from about 3 weeks ago.
My youngest, my sister, myself, and my mom.

We were out celebrating my nephews 20th birthday.